Give Your Teens a Financial Head Start

Teens Ages 13 & Up Will:

  • Learn to invest in stocks, exchange-traded funds, Roth IRAs, etc.

  • Understand basic financial measures and terms without buzzwords and confusing details

  • Trade stocks with our virtual stock simulator which simulates trades in the NYSE and NASDAQ (with real stock prices).

  • Explore socially responsible investing

  • Understand how to spot investment scams

  • Get a 60-day money-back guarantee

  • Earn a certificate of completion

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Module 1: Must-Read Introduction to the Course

    • Instructions on How to Proceed -- This Should Be Fun!

    • Caution: Investing Can Be Risky

    • Survey Before You Begin

  • 02

    Module 2: Stock Market Basics

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1 (Video): What Is A Stock?

    • Lesson 2 (Video): The Stock Market

    • Lesson 3 (Presentation with Audio): Stock Market Indexes

    • Lesson 4 (Text): The Current Components of The Dow

    • Lesson 5 (Text & Video): Historical Levels of the Dow, the S&P 500, and the NASDAQ

    • Bonus Videos: Curated Videos on The Stock Market

    • Quiz: The Stock Market

  • 03

    Module 3: Blue-Chip and Other Types of Stock

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1 (Video): Blue Chip Stocks

    • Lesson 2 (Video): Income Stocks

    • Lesson 3 (Video): Growth Stocks

    • Lesson 4 (Video): Cyclical and Interest-Rate Sensitive Stocks

    • Bonus Videos: Curated Videos on Types of Stock

    • Quiz: Type of Stocks

  • 04

    Module 4: Ideas on What Companies To Select

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1 (Text): Consider Your Hobbies and Interests

    • Lesson 2 (Text): Look to Friends and Classmates

    • Lesson 3 (Text): Consider Companies Headquartered in Your State or Region

    • Lesson 4 (Text): Read Business Publications

  • 05

    Module 5: How To Research Companies

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1 (Text & Video): Getting a Company's Stock Symbol

    • Lesson 2 (Video): Using the Annual Report

    • Lesson 3 (Text & Video): Identifying Industries and Sectors

    • Quiz: Getting Company Information

  • 06

    Module 6: Setting Up a Dummy Stock Portfolio

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1 (Text): Setting Up Your Own Dummy Stock Trading Portfolio

    • (PDF Download) Instructions for the TeenVestor Stock Game

  • 07

    Module 7: Free Financial Websites You Need

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1 (Text): Yahoo!Finance Website

    • Lesson 2 (Text): MarketWatch Website

    • Lesson 3 (Text): Morningstar Website

    • Lesson 4 (Text): A Handy Grid for Financial Website Data

    • Quiz: Useful Financial Websites

  • 08

    Module 8: Balance Sheets -- Understanding What Companies Own and Owe

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1 (Text): Your Family's Balance Sheet (Part 1)

    • Lesson 2 (Text): Your Family's Balance Sheet (Part 2)

    • Lesson 3 (Text & Video): A Company's Balance Sheet

    • Lesson 4 (Text): Specific Components of a Company's Balance Sheet

    • Bonus Videos: Curated Videos on Balance Sheet Basics

    • Quiz: Balance Sheet Basics

  • 09

    Module 9: Secrets Revealed by Balance Sheets

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1: Simple Questions the Balance Sheet Can Answer

    • Lesson 2: Can the Company Pay Its Bills?

    • Lesson 3: Has the Company Borrowed Too Much?

    • Optional Videos: Curated Videos on What the Balance Sheet Reveals

    • Quiz: What the Balance Sheet Reveals

  • 10

    Module 10: Income Statements -- Understanding How Much Money a Company Makes

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1 (Video): Summary of Income Statements

    • Lesson 2 (Text): The Fiscal Year of Companies

    • Lesson 3 (Text): Income Statement Details

    • Quiz: Income Statement Basics

  • 11

    Module 11: Secrets Revealed by Income Statements

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1(Text): Profit Margins

    • Lesson 2 (Text & Video): Earnings Per Share

    • Bonus Videos: Curated Videos on What the Income Statement Reveals

    • Quiz: What the Income Statement Reveals

  • 12

    Module 12: More Financial Measures You Should Know

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1 (Text): Return on Equity

    • Lesson 2 (Text & Video): Dividend Yield

    • Lesson 3(Text): Price-Earnings Ratio

    • Quiz: More Financial Indicators You Should Know

  • 13

    Module 13: Mutual Funds

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1(Text): What Is a Mutual Fund?

    • Lesson 2 (Text): Net Asset Value of Mutual Funds

    • Lesson 3(Text): Buying Mutual Funds

    • Lesso 4(Text): Getting Information About Mutual Funds

    • Quiz: Mutual Funds

  • 14

    Module 14: Exchange Traded Funds

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1: What Is an Exchange Traded Fund?

    • Lesson 2: Buying ETFs

    • Lesson 3: Getting Information About ETFs

    • Quiz: Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

  • 15

    Module 15: Custodial Accounts -- Minors Have to Invest Through Them

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1(Video): Video Introduction to Custodial Accounts

    • Lesson 2(Text & Video): More on Custodial Accounts

    • Quiz: Custodial Accounts

  • 16

    Module 16: Teenvestor-Friendly Online Brokers

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1: What to Consider When Choosing an Online Broker

    • Lesson 2: Top Teenvestor-Friendly Online Brokers

  • 17

    Module 17: Socially Responsible Investing

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1(Video): Video- Socially Responsible Investing

    • Lesson 2(Text): The Importance of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

    • Lesson 3(Text): How to Determine Your SRI Tolerance

    • Quiz: Socially Responsible Investing

  • 18

    Module 18: Taxes - You Probably Won't Owe Any, but You Might.

    • What You Will Get Out of This Module

    • Lesson 1: Video - Basics of Teenvestors and Taxes

    • Lesson 2: Keeping Records

  • 19

    Free Bonus Downloads

    • Free Bonus Download: "TeenVestor: The Practical Investment Guide for Teens and Their Parents"

    • Free Bonus Download: "How To Start Investing With $5"

    • Free Bonus Download: "7 Steps for Teen Stock Investing"

  • 20

    End of Course Survey

    • End of Course Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Time Will It Take To Complete The Course?

    It will take approximately 10 hours to complete the course. Some Modules will only take 10-20 minutes, while others may take 30-60 minutes. However, each Module is broken up into chunks so that they are more manageable and can be digested at the pace each student is comfortable with. In addition, some items are optional. Finally, learners can access the course for up to 1 year so they can take their time to complete it, if they so desire.

  • How Long Will a Student Have Access to the Course?

    Each student has full access to the course for 1-year period so he or she can return time and time again to benefit from the improvements we will make to the course over that period.

  • What Is The Minimum Age for Taking The Course?

    The course is designed for young people ages 13 and up.

  • What Type of Guarantee Do You Have on the Course?

    If you are not satisfied with the course, you can get a full refund within 60 days of the purchase – No Questions Asked. If you feel like it, please tell us why you were not happy with the course so that we can improve it for other students.

  • Will I Pay More If Your Price Goes Up?

    If you have already paid for a course and then we increase the course price, we will not charge you any additional fee for taking the course or for accessing the course over a 1-year period.

  • Do You Give Any Discounts?

    The price at $297 (USD) is already greatly discounted for the beta launch. However, If 3 or more people who are members of the same household will be investing in the course, please contact us at: If a purchaser wants to buy the course for a group of students affiliated with a particular school, please contact us at:

  • Is The Course Live?

    The course does not have live instructors at this time. It consists of text, videos, and quizzes that are designed to teach the very basics of investing.

  • Does the Course Require Any Prior Knowledge of Investing Concepts?

    This course is for absolute beginners. There are no prerequisites and we assume no prior knowledge about investing,

Student Reviews

jeff Ota

5 star rating

“Simple and easy to understand”

“Simple and easy to understand”

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Davien Holmes

4 star rating

“This helped me learn a lot about trading stocks and I also learned about Mutual funds and ETFS.”

“This helped me learn a lot about trading stocks and I also learned about Mutual funds and ETFS.”

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Freddie Tatlock

5 star rating

“Easy to learn and absorb info from”

“Easy to learn and absorb info from”

Read Less

There is no substitute for practicing

Great engaging lessons, videos, and quizzes to make sure learners are on the right path. We point teens to the right websites to get them the information they need to determine which companies deserve their hard earned money. In addition, they can use our mock trading platform, the TeenVestor Stock Game, to try their hands at buying and selling stock with fake dollars.

Time To Complete The Course

It will take approximately 10 hours to complete the course. Some Modules will only take 10-20 minutes, while others may take 30-60 minutes. However, each Module is broken up into chunks so that they are more manageable and can be digested at the pace each student is comfortable with. Keep in mind that each student also has a full 1-year access to the course so he or she can return time and time again to benefit from the improvements we've made.

Why Is This Course Unique?

This is the Only Complete Course for Teen Investors

Search the Internet and you won't find an investment course like this designed especially for aspiring teen investors.

We are Experienced In Teaching Teens about Investing

Teaching a course like this requires experience with communicating with young people in a manner that doesn't talk down to them.

In addition, it requires communicating investing concepts in a way they can easily understand without flooding them with useless information.  

We're good at this because we've been teaching young people about investing for over 20 years!

We Wrote the First Book on Teen Investors

Over the past couple of decades, we've written several books for or about young investors and entrepreneurs originally published by major US publisher:

  • TeenVestor: The Practical Investment Guide for Teens and their Parents (Penguin/Perigee)
  • Mad Cash: A First Timer's Guide to Investing $30 to $3,000 (Penguin/Perigee)
  • The Lemonade Stand: A Guide To Encouraging the Entrepreneur In Your Child (Bob Adams Inc.)

The foundation for the material we use in the course is from our published material. 

We've also incorporated our experience with running Teen Business Camp. 

Proof Is In Praise We've Received

Proof of the value of our experience and material can by found in the praises we've received from many sources: Wall Street Journal, Investopedia, Junior Achievement, Morningstar, Money Magazine, Barron's School Library Journal, and many others.

Get the Course

Use the button below to go to the course sign-up page . Remember when you checkout, enter the email address for the young person who will be taking the course.

Learn about stock investing without the buzzwords and confusing details

Teens can start building wealth now by learning to steadily invest over a long period of time AND understanding the risks of investing.  

There is no other course like this one specifically designed with teens in mind for learning about the stock market.

Simplified Lessons

We believe that 90% of the material out there for teaching investing are just too confusing for teens or beginning investors.

It doesn't have to be that way! But it requires experts who know how to communicate and train young people in investing. 

Designed With Teen Concerns in Mind

Teaching teens about investing also requires experts who consider the fact that young people don't have much money for investing. 

Young investors may have only $50-$500 to invest as opposed to well-heeled adults with thousands of dollars to put into stocks. 

The TeenVestor Stock Certification Course shows teens how to invest with very little money. We reveal how to get cheap online brokers and how to invest as little as $5.

Investment Risks Can't Be Ignored

Just a reminder -- we are not investment advisors and we can't guarantee that young investors  will make money with any stocks they buy. However, when teens go into stocks with their eyes wide open, they increase their chances of avoiding too much investment risk in the future.

For Teens: Awesome Benefits of Taking this Course

  • Build More Wealth than Your Peers

    You would be shocked how starting now to safely invest in stocks can multiply whatever money you get or make. The power of compounding will show you the way to potential prosperity compared to your peers.

  • Graduate With a Teenvestor Certificate

    Earning a TeenVestor Certificate of Completion means that you know everything you need to know to begin investing in stocks. The information we provide teen investors has been recognized by media and organizations like: Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Investopedia, Junior Achievement, and many others.

  • Eliminate Confusion on Getting Started

    The #1 question young investors ask is "how do I begin?". The internet will confuse you because you will not know exactly what to learn and in what order. This course will stop you from wandering around aimlessly going in too many different directions just to get some basic knowledge.

What Money Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, Barron's, and Morningstar Said About TeenVestor

“Teenvestor ® was written especially for teenagers, although it's actually a good basic resource for any age....I like this latest book because it encourages parents to come along for the ride and learn about investing, too. It has good, solid (not dumbed down) explanations of investment basics, how to read income statement, understand markets, and so on...”

Money Magazine

“( provides in-depth information about investing, starting your own business, the stock market and the economy. Geared for 12- to 18-year-olds, it explains financial concepts in a detailed but easy-to-understand way. There is an entrepreneur section, as well as links to 40 other teen financial sites.”

Wall Street Journal

“The adage about giving a man a fish vs. teaching him to catch his own also applies to your teenagers. Give them money and they'll come back for more. But give them the basics of investing and they'll have the tools to make money on their own. "If you can start motivating interest in the stock market at a young age, you can develop good saving habits in your teenager, said Emmanuel Modu, author of Teenvestor ® : The Practical Investment Guide for Teens and Their Parents.”

Investor's Business Daily

“TeenVestor is another excellent resource for learning not only the basics of investing in stocks, mutual funds, and IRAs, but also the workings of the economy.”


“In-depth and sophisticated...[TeenVestor] doesn't assume its readers have had prior exposure to investing or easy access to money... Teens and parents will appreciate the detailed treatment of investing strategies.”


A Certificate of Completion is a real accomplishment

No one else can use the word TeenVestor without attribution because it is a registered trademark and truly means something. Earning a TeenVestor Certificate of Completion means that the young learner knows what he or she needs to begin his or her investing journey. Once they are awarded this certificate, they become part of the TeenVestor family and a community of like-minded young investors.

Jump-start a life-long journey to smart investing

Things young people learn now will stick with them for the rest of their lives. This is true whether they are learning how to ride a bike or learning to read. Investment skills they begin learning today will also stick with them to help make their lives easier. Get started right away.

What Investopedia, Junior Achievement, and School Library Journal Said About TeenVestor

“As both the CEO of Investopedia and the father of a teenage son, I thoroughly recommend this book to both teenagers and their parents. The state of financial education in the U.S. is woeful. Schools are failing and it is up to our teenagers and parents to enable their kids to become Teenvestors. The authors’ use of worksheets, real-life examples and easy-to-use format help readers gain more knowledge than after their first finance class in college, but in a much easier learning format... Despite having an MBA in Finance from Wharton, I was able to gleam more than a few take-aways. As both an investor and the parent of investors, it is a must read”

David Siegel

CEO, Investopedia (Now CEO of Meetup)

“TeenVestor serves as a great introduction to investing and the fundamentals of financial markets for teens… One of the greatest aspects of TeenVestor is that Modu has written the book in a tone that teens can relate to. He has taken a wide array of financial concepts and presented them in such a way that today’s teen can easily appreciate. Modu uses examples that are simple to understand and gives practical advice that any “Teenvestor” can start applying right away.”

Jack E. Kosakowski

President & CEO, Junior Achievement USA

“...This comprehensive tutorial opens with a discussion of the importance of learning how to manage and invest money and offers both advice and strategies. The authors explain the basics of investing, and then describe how to read and interpret balance sheets and income statements, how to understand the stock market, and how to evaluate and choose stocks for the long-term strategies they recommend. They also cover mutual funds, explain the various ways to purchase stocks, and describe income-tax implications for this audience... Its strong message that readers need to take charge of their own financial futures and the practical advice it offers to help them do so will ensure an audience for it. ”

School Library Journal

Your instructors

The creators of this course include the authors of TeenVestor: The Practical Investment Guide for Teens and Their Parents. In addition, they are the curators of,, @teenvestor, @teenmogul, @girlceos.